Creating the perfect presentation requires attention to detail, from content to design, and crucially, to size. I often found myself asking questions like, “What is the size of a PowerPoint slide in pixels?” or “How many pixels is a typical PowerPoint slide?”

While the default 16:9 PowerPoint slide size is displayed in inches, i found it challenging to create other slide sizes if I needed a specific pixel specification. That’s why I developed this calculator. Designed from my own experiences and needs, this tool helps streamline the process of sizing PowerPoints, ensuring every slide looks its best, whether on screen or in print. I hope it aids you as much as it has me.

Let me know what you think.

Pixel to Inch to Centimeter Converter

Pixel to Inch to Centimeter Converter

Width Height
Pixel Size (px)
Print Size (in)
Print Size (cm)

⚠️  WARNING: PowerPoint’s maximum slide size is 56 inches or 5376 pixels

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